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To the people who refuse to help teach new players how to do a dungeon then get pissed at them when they fuck up thus causing a drama train that leads to the dungeon still not getting finished quickly:


Anyone play FF14 on the ps4? If so how is it on that console?


Though usually emotionally stable and strong, Ferah’s gone through one too many disappointments and has lost her mind. Her only wish is now to give this world as much pain as she can, hoping to soothe her aching heart through destruction.

Party set up; 
1 tank
2 healers
5 DPS 


"The dunes are alive"

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My dragoon from #FFXIV Phoenix!

My attempts to draw more on PS are growing and improving. But I’m still too sloppy there.

Going to try full painting instead~


I can hear the song…

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